Welcome to the 2020 Academic Year! Tuesday, September 9th is the first day of school and I am excited to announce that our online learning with E2020 is fully operational and ready to go. 

-E2020 is fully accredited, recognized by VUSD, and accepted by colleges and universities.

-E2020 has available well over 100 academic courses representing all applicable academic curriculums, including electives.

-E2020 gives each student the independent ability to earn credits from any curriculum and course work they need to complete and graduate. 

-E2020 also allows students to earn partial course credits, while also working in the classroom to complete required coursework. 

-E2020 provides access to all students. Each VUSD student has an account already set up for them.

For more information; to activate or set up your E2020 account and classes; please contact me directly at johnnoonan@vistausd.org; or my direct school phone number-(760)631-2502, extension 89403.